NY Gas Prices Average Over $5

Pixabay Stock Image.

JAMESTOWN – Gas prices in the state of New York pass the 5 dollar milestone as of Thursday.

According to AAA New York’s average price per gallon of gas is now $5.009 hitting the milestone from $4.988 on Wednesday.

In Chautauqua County gas prices the average price per gallon hovers around $4.85 cents, but with the trend of rising prices lately that $5 milestone is not far off.

Many who were getting gas today including Chance Boreck are still in shock over the increase in prices.

“It’s a little crazy, knowing last year it was a dollar,” says Boreck.

And for many, there are only a few ways to fix these prices.

“Open the keystone pipeline back up,” stated Boreck.

The $5 price per gallon is now New York’s highest recorded average.


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