Overdoses On Melatonin Is Spiking In Children

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ERIE (ERIE NEWS NOW) – Sometimes we all need some help going to sleep. In fact, some of us turn to Melatonin to supplement those Z’s. However, there’s a concern that too much is consumed.

“Before I got a job, I didn’t have anything else to do but school, so it was really hard to fall asleep on my own,” says Jade Carter.
She continues, “I did start following the directions when I began taking Melatonin, but I realized that it didn’t work. So I think I added another because they were gummies, so I think I added another gummy.”

At one time, Carter was taking up to three gummies. Although she’s an adult, the concern mainly stems from our children. Poison control centers announced the number of overdoses from Melatonin spiked 530% in the past decade. 2019 to 2020 had the largest increase. Numbers were reported spiking by 38%. Pediatrician Susan Moore says there are other options for putting your child to bed.

“Go to sleep with a routine and not too much screen time before bed to get them overstimulated and the things our mothers and grandmothers used to do with a bath and a book and keep things calm before bed,” says Moore.

Although carter is no longer using melatonin, it saddens her to see the number of overdoses in children.

“I know they have kids Melatonin. If possible, find another way to help your kids, or you have a good nights rest,” says Carter.


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  1. The title is eye-catching and alarming but the article has no factual information about overdoses in children. The facts given don’t identify if the overdoses are in adults or children. Not a well researched article.

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