Chadakoin River Invasive Species Cleanup Project Approved

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JAMESTOWN – An effort to remove invasive species from the Chadakoin River was approved by local lawmakers on Monday.

The Jamestown City Council decided to move forward with the proposal which was first brought forward last week by the team responsible for the Chadakoin River revitalization project.

Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy’s Ecological Restoration manager Twan Leenders previously asked officials for funding to help remove the “Tree of Heaven” from the riverbed.

The Tree, native to northeast and central China, and Taiwan, is considered an invasive species to the area, killing other vegetation, and attracting other intrusive wildlife.

“For a total sum of 17,760 dollars and no cents subject to the approval of the appropriation council as to form,“ explained Councilwoman Kim Ecklund. “And this is funded through ARPA funds, we all heard the issue with that last week. That was approved through finance.”

The next phase of the project would re-vegetize the exposed banks, to fill in what was removed in the prior phase.


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