Drivers Seek Cheaper Gas Prices at Seneca Nation Reservation

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By Jamison Hixenbaugh

IRVING, NY (Erie News Now) – In his 44 years of trucking, Kenneth Fusilier has never seen gas prices this high.

“It’s impacting me economically, because it eats into my profits,” said Fusilier. “You’re not getting enough fuel surcharges to make up for it.”

As the owner and operator of Kenan Advantage Group, Fusilier says it costs more than $1,000 to fill up his 240-gallon truck.

“I can’t fuel up at a Pilot or Flying J, just because it costs too much,” said Fusilier. “It will go over six-dollars a gallon.”

Fusilier isn’t alone.

Keith Michaels of Angola, New York, also fuels up at places with cheaper gas, like the Native Pride Travel Plaza in Irving, New York.

On Tuesday, unleaded fuel cost $4.75 a gallon, while diesel cost $5.69 a gallon.

“You have to spend so much on fuel,” said Michaels. “It’s such a basic expense, that it robs you from all of the quality of life that we had going for us, in this miserable economy.”

On June 1, New York lawmakers suspended the state’s gas tax, in an effort to provide drivers with some relief.

Both Michaels and Fusilier say more needs to be done.

“I just hope they do something about the fuel prices, because it’s going to run a lot of people out of the trucking business,” said Fusilier. “Already, they got an 800,000 shortage on drivers. There’s going to be a lot more than that if they don’t do something about the fuel prices.”


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