Hundreds Take Part In Free Recycling Day In Lakewood

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LAKEWOOD – Hundreds of people took part in a free community recycling day over the weekend, highlighting the importance of appropriately salvaging what otherwise would be waste. 

Hosted by the Jamestown Cummins Plant each year, the goal aims to get the community involved in recycling.

As Health, Safety, Environmental Director Loren Chase tells us, events like this will raise community support and help the plant reach their recycling goals.

“Everything that is dropped off today, they will be transported to its appropriate facility and then they will be recycled,” explained Chase.  

Things that were recycled ranged from all sorts of items from scrap metal to old batteries.

“It’s anything from tires, to electronics, to important documents,” said Chase.

Cars were lined up for miles outside the plant waiting to recycle their items. 

“I’m just very excited, very happy,” says Chase. “This is my first year for the recycling event for the Jamestown Engine Plant, and I’m very pleased at the outcome so far. We had over 1,200 vehicles enter our facility last year, and I think we’re going to break that record this year.”

While it was great to see community involvement on Saturday, Chase wants all that attended to remember the importance of recycling every day of the year.

“They come in, we have a list of things, items that they can bring in to recycle, and then we have over 100 volunteers here today to help them to spread knowledge about recycling,” explained Chase. “And maybe they take that back to their homes and into the community for recycling awareness.”


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