NY Department of Health Launches New Abortion Education Campaign

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NEW YORK – Following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on abortions, New York’s Department of Health has launched a new campaign to educate New Yorkers on the subject.

The statewide campaign includes multi-platform advertising efforts and a new website, providing a single destination for information about abortion rights, providers, supports, and payment options in New York.

“We feared this dark day—but New York did not hesitate to prepare for it,” Governor Hochul said. “The Supreme Court has dealt a crushing blow to all who value the ability to make decisions about their own bodies. Let me be clear: the Supreme Court has failed us, but New York State will not. Our Abortion Access Always campaign builds on efforts to ensure that everyone knows that abortions remain safe, legal, and accessible here. As long as I am Governor, this State will protect you.”

The integrated media and advertising campaign will run statewide in both English and Spanish, featured at high-traffic destinations such as mass transit hubs, shopping centers, airports, and through radio and digital channels.

Led by the Health Department, the advertisements are displayed in four different colors—black, green, pink, and purple—reinforcing the importance of abortion access as a public health issue that impacts everyone.

Hochul’s office says safe abortions help protect an individual’s physical and medical well-being, while ensuring that the choice and ability to start a family, and consider their own physical and mental health, remains their own.

In addition, to expand access to education, the State has launched a new website to provide the public with a single source of information about abortion access and reproductive healthcare.

The new website includes details on abortion rights, providers, treatment options, and resources for mental health support and payment.

On June 13, Governor Hochul signed a comprehensive, six-bill package to further preserve, protect, and strengthen abortion rights for patients and providers in New York.

The legislation takes specific actions to address a variety of legal concerns, including the establishment of a cause of action for unlawful interference with protected rights and the inclusion of abortion providers and patients in the Address Confidentiality Program.

The new bills also prohibit misconduct charges against healthcare practitioners for providing reproductive services to patients who reside in states where such services are illegal and disallow medical malpractice insurance companies from taking adverse action against an abortion provider who provides legal care.


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