Citywide Alert System Approved By Lawmakers

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JAMESTOWN – News never sleeps, which is why the City of Jamestown is rolling out a new alert system to keep residents informed. 

First introduced by Mayor Eddie Sundquist, and taking inspiration from other municipalities, the system will send notifications to residents of the city.

“This is the first time the city’s really working on connecting directly to our residents,“ explained Mayor Sundquist. “To let people know in real time what’s happening.”  

In the form of text messages, emails and in app notifications, the alerts will cover a variety of topics. 

“We want to be able to provide emergency alerts as well as informational alerts to all the people that live and work in the City of Jamestown,“ explained Mayor Sundquist.

The messages aren’t limited to communications from city hall, but will include announcements from other city agencies as well.  

“Our intention right now is to look at road closures, emergency alerts, weather that’s police or fire,“ stated Mayor Sundquist. “We’ll probably also include some information from BPU as it impacts your water, your sewer, or other potential lines. The options are really limitless.”  

In the coming days, residents will receive information in the mail on how to sign up for the system. 

“Anyone can sign up for it at this point,“ stated Mayor Sundquist. “However we don’t have a sign-up yet, we’re working on it. We’ll send out information, most likely we’ll do some mailing, and we’ll do some online and push out some press.”

The system will be installed by Alertmedia out of Austin Texas.

The cost of the service is $4,900 dollars a year for up to 400 members, with 20 cents per member over 400. For this year a budget will be $2,450 dollars.


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