Tips To Keep Pets Safe This Holiday Weekend

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JAMESTOWN – If you’re planning on hosting a backyard BBQ or maybe you live in a neighborhood that’s known for setting off fireworks, best friends animal society, a national animal welfare organization, has some tips to keeping your furry family members safe.

First, make sure you bring your animals inside when fireworks start going off in your neighborhood. Put them in a secure room with comforting toys and put on the TV or play music to help drown out the sound from outside.

Consider a thunder shirt, which applies gentle pressure around a pet’s torso, it can help with anxiety and stress. If you’re going to give them medication, make sure it’s prescribed by a vet and pay attention to the dosage.

Don’t play with things like sparklers around your pets. Not only could they get burned, they are toxic if ingested.

Always keep alcohol and any other harmful human foods out of reach of your pets.

Before the festivities begin, double check that your pet is wearing their collar and identification tags with your contact information in case they get out.

And finally, if fido does get out, make sure you have a plan in place that includes using social media and checking local shelters to find them.

Being prepared this holiday weekend can go a long way in making sure everyone in your family has a good time.


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