Next Supreme Court Term Could Include Significant Cases on Elections, College Admissions 

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Within this past week, all eyes have been on the Supreme Court as they made some significant decisions, like: gun rights, environmental oversight and striking down Roe v. Wade. In the upcoming term, we expect the Court to hear cases which could impact the upcoming elections.

The Court is in recess now until October.. But when they return, they could hear some significant cases.  The Supreme Court announced they agreed to hear a case on the so-called “independent legislature theory” which according to online sources, is the idea that under the constitution only the legislature has the power to regulate federal elections without interference from state courts. The case could radically reshape how federal elections are conducted and could impact the 2024 elections.    

Affirmative action could also be up for debate. Universities have been able to take race into account in their admissions process. In once case the Supreme Court could hear, some accuse Harvard of favoring Black and Hispanic applicants over Asian Americans. While others argue that eliminating race as a factor would make it hard to have a diverse student population.    

These are just a couple of examples the Court with it’s newest Justice could hear for the next term. 


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