Unrest in Akron Over Jayland Walker Killing 

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By Ethan Kibbe

AKRON, OH (Erie News Now) – An anxious day in Akron. Protesters taking to the streets, demanding answers in the death of Jayland Walker.  

“It’s just not right,” said a protester who identified herself as Sarah. “Ninety shots for one person. That’s not OK. It’s just not.” 

Sunday night, police released video of the killing, touching off a powder keg of reaction overnight.  

“Did you have to go that far?” said protester Gray Mikes. “You didn’t have to go that far. There are a lot of questions. There are a lot of views on everything. But there are a lot of unanswered questions in that video.” 

Police say Walker posed a deadly threat after firing at them from his car, where they later found a gun.  

Protesters say Walker was fleeing unarmed, and they think police overreacted to a traffic stop. 

“Were there a lot of things that he could’ve done differently?” Mikes asked. “Yes. But should he be dead today? No.” 

“Just a day after protests turned to riots, the city is bracing for much of the same tonight. Already a curfew is in place, the city center is closed off as big trucks block the road, and police are going over their assignments.” 

But protesters say they don’t condone the violence, saying answering violence with more violence is never a solution.  

“You’re funneling your anger at the wrong place,” Mikes said. “If you funnel in the right direction, then it’s righteous.“ 


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