Confusion Over New NY Gun Laws, What Goes Into Effect When? Pro-Gun Leader Reacts

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By Marsha Augustin

BIG FLATS, N.Y. (WENY) – In Early June, Governor Hochul signed into law a package of 10 bills to combat gun violence in light of recent mass shootings including Buffalo.

Some of the new laws include- permits required for semi-automatic rifles, an increase to the minimum age to buy semi auto rifles from 18 to 21, expanding NY’s red flags laws, social media checks, and stricter rules for gun dealers.

Thomas Reynolds, the President of SCOPE, Shooters Committee on Political Education believes all of these laws have one goal and that is to restrict law-abiding citizens from owning guns.

“The left won’t just stop with this law they’ll be another one and another one and another one on top of it until basically, they’ve neutered the second amendment,” Reynolds said.

Starting today, you cannot buy body armor and some gun stores have also said you cannot buy lower receivers for an AR-15. Some gun stores have also said you cannot buy lower receivers for an AR-15.

For the body armor ban, you cannot buy armor unless you are a cop or you have one of several certified professions. It’s a law that Reynolds disagrees with.

“Look at the shooting that happened on the July 4th parade wouldn’t you like to have body armor,” Reynolds said.

He’s been getting emails and calls all week with many looking for clarification on these new laws. Tom says there will be major kickback from gun advocate organizations.

“I’m already hearing lawsuits being filed or going to be filed. And we are just getting our act together as to who’s going to do what and what’s the appropriate thing to do,” Reynolds said.

Tom explains the new gun law that was passed less than a week ago which mandates handgun permit applicants to provide details of their social media accounts dating back three years is a violation of a person’s rights.

“Now under these laws for instants violating both 1st and second amendment they want to get access to your password to get to your social media account and any other information they think is necessary,” Reynolds said.

I’ve tried tracking down and researching these new state gun laws to get an exact date of when they will go into effect and what’s coming down the pipeline. Some of the laws on the New York state gov site say September 1st, some say the end of the year, and the dates for others are not listed.


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