Jamestown’s 25 Year Welcome Sign Project Is Coming To Fruition

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JAMESTOWN – A project 25 years in the making is coming to a head this year. The Jamestown Rotary Club has finished their funding towards a grand welcome sign in the City of Jamestown.

The sign will be constructed at Jamestown’s North Main Street entrance. This gift by the Rotary Club, as member Mike Roberts says is a long time coming.  

“The sign was something we started planning and dreaming about a little over 25 years ago,“ explained Roberts. “A welcome to Jamestown sign at the city entrance, and it was always delayed  because we never had an opportunity to find a place for it, and through the generosity of Lynn Development. They gave us a piece of land for us to build that sign on, and that’s what really got the project restarted for us.”      

Originally proposed to the city back in February, Club President Kevin Sixbey tells us the Rotary Club has managed to fund $25,000 dollars, with the rest of the multi-thousand dollar project coming from other donors.

“Between actual cash monies being spent and estimated cost of material and labor we’re up around $80,000 dollars,“ stated Sixbey

Now that funding has been secured the next step is to put shovels into the ground. 

“Rotary has always been very active in our community for all 100 years,“ says Roberts. “And our motto of service above self is not going to stop with this gift, which is our 100 year gift to the city.”   

With construction starting soon the sign itself should be visible to those entering the city by the end of the year.

“Originally our timeframe was to have this done before the Comedy Festival this year in August,“ explained Sixbey. “Given how things are layed out, we’re probably going to be a little past that, but it will be done this year.”  

The sign’s design focuses on aspects of the Pearl City, using slopes to represent the river and materials like old railroad ties, wood from the Grand Cathedral Oaks, and the famous Jamestown bricks.


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