Reproductive Rights Rally Held In Jamestown, NY

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JAMESTOWN – Pro-choice activists took to the streets of Jamestown on Sunday afternoon, rallying for reproductive rights.

The demonstration was held by the Jamestown Justice Collation. Starting at Dow Park, those in attendance marched several blocks showing their support for a woman’s right to choose and calling out the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision to overturn Roe V. Wade.

With signs in tow, the collective of 50 plus made their way to Jamestown City Hall at noon, where several speakers addressed the crowd on a variety of issues, including doubling down on the importance getting involved in the political process, by making their voices heard at the ballot box in November’s mid-term elections.

Among those taking part was Jennifer Baker. While the Jamestown area resident is fortunate that she lives in New York State where abortion is legal, she fears for those in other states where the procedure has been outlawed.

“It really should be part of the healthcare system, it should not be a big expense thing, because there are all different kinds of reasons why somebody would need to terminate a pregnancy,” said Baker. “I think the fact that it has been made so politically just really adds to the issue.”

Baker went on to say that she also worries for the rights of the next generation. As a grandmother, she fears for her granddaughter’s feature and calls for better health resources for all, not just women.

WNY News Now’s Alyssa Wright and Justin Gould contributed to this report.


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