State Grants Reproductive Healthcare Facilities $10 Million

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ALBANY – Just weeks after the landmark Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, safe harbor states like New York have seen an influx of patients seeking care. Governor Kathy Hochul says this increase is just the beginning. 

“Places like Western New York are seeing a major increase in women from Pennsylvania which has more restrictions,” says Hochul. “Ohio, we’re seeing a surge of cases from elsewhere. They’re coming now to our providers and we knew this would happen. Not just from 1970, just common sense told us they’re going to come here.”

Hochul assures those nationwide that the state will always remain a safe harbor, and that, she is working to ease the transition of doctors currently working in other states who may now need to come to New York to continue their work in reproductive healthcare.

“So today, we are announcing the first $10 million of actual grants to the providers to where they’re going. And those will go to 13 organizations with 63 facilities and clinics across the state,” says Hochul.

The state has allocated $35 million to protect abortion rights, incouding $10 million to be spent on security. The rest of the money will go towards supporting and expanding provider networks.

The next step, according to the Governor, is to enshrine abortion rights in the state Constitution.

“I took the opportunity while we had the legislature convened for an extraordinary session, that’s what it’s called, an extraordinary session, to consider this amendment. They passed the equality amendment and that’ll address healthcare and reproductive autonomy. And these rights will remain,” assures Hochul.

The state is also working with the federal government to provide over the counter contraception and medical abortion pills. New York insurance companies are already mandated to cover abortions.

Hochul is also preparing for legal battles, but assures doctor’s that they will be protected from extradition across state lines.


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