Democratic State Assembly Candidate Delineates Campaign

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JAMESTOWN – A longtime Chautauqua County politician will have a new challenger in this fall’s election.

Democratic candidate for the New York State Assembly’s 150th District, Sandra Lewis, is addressing points of her plan to help improve Jamestown, and New York State overall.

“There is so much beauty here, not only in our location but in the people who want to stay here, work here, and raise their families. There’s so many things I think we can do to improve people’s lives,” Lewis explained.

From Meals on Wheels to the Jamestown Juneteenth committee, Lewis has been involved in the community.

“I believe that titles, we all have titles, I believe first and foremost that we are human and we have some values in common. We all want to have a good life for ourselves and our children, we all want to have good education. So how could anyone, regardless of your title, be against that,” Lewis said.

Bail reform ranges and reproductive protections are among priorities for the candidate.

“I would love to see social services expanded, especially since it’s post-COVID. There are many mental health issues that I think people are dealing with. I would like to see it be easily accessible,” Lewis said. “I also understand that we have bail reform issues. I think that that should be looked at and I understand that there is a system in place where young people can get a second chance. And I want to make sure that all young people can get a second chance and it’s not just about who you know or who your parents are. I want everyone to know about these things and to use them. Everyone makes mistakes, we all do, and everyone should be given an equal chance.”

“I think it needs to be fixed if it’s broken, and it can be tweaked, and if something is not working the way you think it is, you speak on it,” Lewis explained, “Having abortions as part of healthcare is good healthcare. We don’t want to go back and put women and young girls in situations, having them go through situations where they lose their self-worth. It’s horrible.”

Lewis’ campaign also focuses on equality for all.

“I feel that with my experiences, with my work ethic, with my love for people, and working for all people regardless of your political affiliation, I plan to work on not having this not be the poorest county in the state of New York,” said Lewis.

During this fall’s general election, Lewis will take on longtime Republican, Assemblyman Andy Goodell.


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