Retired Three-Star Admiral Speaks To Life Guards At Presque Isle

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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – Lifeguards at Presque Isle got a to learn a bit about how their foundation as a lifeguards can help them in life from a former Presque Isle lifeguard on Sunday.

Retired three-star admiral for the U.S. Navy, Matthew Kohler grew up in Erie and was a life guard at Presque Isle.

He said that the lessons he learned during his time as a life guard helped shape him into the person he is today, as well as help him choose his career.

He hopes that the things he discussed with the life guards on Sunday during a lecture and discussion, leaves a lasting impression on them.

“I relate my experiences on the water front and what I found was very helpful for me in terms of helping me with those experiences, again the responsibilities, the positions of leadership, that helped me pursue and be successful in a career with the United States Navy.”

Presque Isle holds these workshops and lectures for their life guards all throughout the summer.


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