Arizona-based Co. Plans To Sue NYS Over Body Armor Ban 

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By Marsha Augustin 

ALBANY (WENY) – A slew of new gun laws are coming out of Albany. Some have already gone into effect and several more will go into effect by the end of the year. 

There is also a ban on body armor specifically on who can buy them. An Arizona-based company is prepping to file a lawsuit against the new law. 

There were technical revisions to the restrictions on body vests which include body armor. The CEO of Armored Republic says this lawsuit is no publicity stunt. He believes the ban imposes limits on the 2nd amendment of many citizens and explains that’s why they are planning to put together a well-thought-out lawsuit against New York State. 

“We’re the biggest company selling to the citizen and if we don’t do it nobody is going to sue,” David Reece said. 

Reece showed WENY News the draft filing his company is putting together. Most of their body armor sales come from individuals and he breaks down the four main types they make. Steel normally used to stop rifle rounds, ceramic, polyethylene which is lightweight and soft armor is normally used to stop pistol rounds.   

“This is a piece of steel armor and it has a coating on it so it’s a little bit thicker. If the round hits, what happens is the round stops and is shattered by the armor. and the coating on top of it helps to capture the fragments of the bullet,” Reece said. 

Armored Republic also manufactures bulletproof book bags which are also banned under state law. David explains the law initially only banned soft armor and not hard plated armor.  He says 95 percent of gun crimes committed across the country are with handguns.  

“By banning the soft armor they were banning the stuff that’s easy for kids to wear or have with them that could be useful in stopping most crimes. Then they amended the bill so it would ban both,” Reece said. 

Under the current state law, you need to be a cop or work in a certain profession to purchase body armor. He says the importance of this lawsuit is to take leadership in defending the rights of their customers. 

“We are working on the filing and have a really good argument pulled together it’s based upon the 2nd amendment and the 14th amendment,” Reece said. 

Reece believes many parents use body armor as a tool to protect their kids. 

“A lot of parents look at the shootings you mentioned and the concern about it and they say what can I do for my children I can’t make the police braver I can’t make the legislature pass whatever law I want but I can buy body armor for my child,” Reece said. 

The body armor ban went into effect on July 6th in New York State. Only new sales, the transfer or gifting of body armor fall under this state law. 

As far as the next steps for Armored Republic, Reece said he is hoping to have the lawsuit filed within the next couple of weeks.   


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