Jamestown YWCA Accused Of Using Sleep Drug During Nap Time

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JAMESTOWN – A Jamestown child care center is accused of using a common sleep drug during nap time. 

Last Friday, the Jamestown YWCA’s Early Childhood Education Director Lindsay Nobbs penned a letter to parents addressing allegations of unauthorized Melatonin use prior to nap time.

Specifically, it is alleged that someone working for the daycare provider used Melatonin spray on the sleeping cots before students settled in for their daily nap.

Officials with the YWCA say the use of chemicals, or other essential oils in any classroom with children present is “directly prohibited.” 

The Melatonin spray, Nobbs said, was not purchased or approved by the YWCA in Jamestown.

“We want you as a family member to know we are taking this matter seriously and have addressed the issue with staff taking any necessary disciplinary and educational actions needed to ensure this will not happen,” wrote Nobbs in the letter. “We want to assure you that we take your child’s health and safety very seriously and aim to provide a childcare environment that is safe, loving and high quality.”

A concerned parent provided a copy of the letter to our newsroom, which he said was left in his child’s cubby for review.

The parent spoke to us on the condition of anonymity, as his child currently remains in the facility due to the lack of childcare availability in the county.

He said that other parents have complained about their children being unusually sleepy during pickup, however, we have yet to hear from other parents regarding the alleged incident. 

In a statement following our noon news broadcast, YWCA Jamestown Executive Director Amanda Gesing said the alleged actions were committed by a single employee.

“Rest assured, the YWCA of Jamestown takes all such allegations seriously,” wrote Gesing. “The YWCA is conducting its own investigation into the allegation, furthermore, the YWCA is committed to working with any other office or agency who may be conducting their own investigation. Out of respect for any investigation, the YWCA will make no further comment at this time.”

Our newsroom has also contacted New York’s Office of Child and Family Services and the Jamestown Police Department to see if a formal inquiry into the allegation is underway.

A copy of the letter is posted below: 

WNY News Now’s Justin Gould contributed to this report.


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  1. Hi I am Reaching out in concern about the melatonin situation at the YWCA in Jamestown New York. My child attends as well and I immediately went to the school to get answers and the school stated they reviewed about a week or so of footage and they couldn’t see when or if the mats were sprayed. I was so concerned and furious because my child was experiencing an allergic reaction directly after her nap exactly 2 weeks ago. We could not figure out where it came from and after the letter they sent now fear could it be the spray? We called her pediatrician to report this. We are also continuing to attend this daycare because she is enrolled in prek 4 with jamestown public schools and it is one of the only places for this age with after care until I leave work.

    We want to have answers and hoped with your help you can include us with any other families that may be a part of an investigation.

    Thanks for your help in advanced

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