January 6 Hearing: Committee Details Trump’s “Inaction” During Capitol Attack

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – New details on the January 6 U.S. Capitol attack were revealed on Thursday night as the committee investigating that attack outlined what went on in the White House during the attack. 

We learned within minutes of President Donald Trump returning to the White House from an event at the Ellipse, he was told the Capitol was under attack, and that, for 187 minutes, the President did nothing to stop it.

Witnesses say he was in the dining room, watching the attack play out on live TV, and, according to the witness testimony, those closest to the President and other staffers were upset about his inaction and how he easily had a chance to tell the mob to leave the Capitol.

“As you saw earlier the President’s private dining room is at the bottom of the map, the press briefing room is at the top highlighted in blue and the Rose Garden where the President ultimately filmed his “go home” video is on the right next to the Oval Office and that’s highlighted in green,” said Rep. Adam Kinzinger. “Ms. Matthews, how quickly could the President got on camera in the press briefing room to deliver a statement to the nation?

“As you outlined, it would’ve taken about less than 60 seconds,” said Sarah Matthews.

The committee also produced records of the President’s call logs, where they showed there’s no official calls from the President for hours, witnesses said he didn’t make any phone calls to military, National Guard or law enforcement for reinforcements.

But those who testified said the President was instead, calling Senators, encouraging them to delay the certification. One of the most chilling revelations in this hearing was that the committee says the White House was receiving messages from the Secret Service detail with former V.P. Mike Pence at the Capitol, relaying messages of the breach, and saying that the White House knew the Vice President was in jeopardy. And even though they knew, the former President still didn’t call off the mob until later on.

The committee also revealed that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy got into a swearing match with Trump over the phone during the attack, asking the President for help and the President essentially dismissed that request.

It wasn’t until hours after the attack happened when the president finally made a twitter video telling people to go home.

The committee says this will be their last hearing for awhile, they will spend the august recess continuing their investigation and they could have more in the next few months.


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