Beware Of These Lyme Disease Symptoms And Consequences

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By Tom Kowalski

ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – With temperatures rising and more people spending time outside, ticks and lyme disease make themselves known again.

Ticks can commonly be found in wooded areas with tall grass and heavy brush. They can also be found wherever deer and field mice live.

Make sure to check yourself, your children, and your pets after participating in outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, or camping.

“Long term health consequences of lyme disease can require lengthy doses…of antibiotic treatment in order to get that bacteria fully out of your body,” says epidemiologist, Dr. Becky Dawson. “If you’re outside and you’re coming in contact with grass or bushes or you’re out on a trail, more than likely you’ve been exposed to a tick, and you really should be doing a tick check after you do those outside activities.”

Signs of lyme disease include flu-like symptoms, and a bullseye-like rash where the bite occurred. Ticks will typically hide in warm, dark places on the body such as the groin area, armpits, belly buttons, and hair.


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