New Technology And Investigative Practices Are Helping Solve More Cold Cases

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By Mike Ruzzi

ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – Dedicated Police Investigators can spend decades attempting to solve cold cases.

Now new technology and investigative practices are leading to more cold cases being solved.

Former FBI Special Agent Jerry Clark, investigated the Pizza Bomber Case.

He told Erie News Now, “At some point you have to realize, that all of the cases can be solved. Offenders usually don’t offend just once and just because they don’t have any DNA in the system, doesn’t mean a case can’t be solved.”

For most of the Investigators, the emotional roller-coaster is the toughest part.

Providing real answers to families is the biggest priority.

“Cases are very personal to Investigators, Clark said, we want to see them solved.”

Dr. Clark also serves as an Associate Professor and Chair of Gannon University’s Criminal Justice Program.


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