U.S. Senate Voting On Care For Veterans Exposed To Toxic Burn Pits

Alfred V. Lopez / DVIDS

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Veterans exposed to toxic burn pits while serving their country could soon get more help with their medical needs.

The U.S. Senate could vote Monday on healthcare and disability funding for veterans exposed to burn pits while serving their country.

Advocates say the bill is crucial for vets with health complications linked to those toxins. The Senate passed it 84 to 14. Then, the House passed it with a procedural change.

But, 25 additional Senate Republicans balked when it came back and demanded an amendment.

The Veteran’s Affairs Secretary says their proposal would create a year-on-year funding cap, sunset the bill in a decade and force the VA to ration care.

Lawmakers in both parties say, in the end, the Senate will likely pass the bill with bipartisan support.


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