Families Hunt For Bargains As Inflation Rates Soar

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By Ethan Kibbe

ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – It’s another busy day at Once Upon a Child in Erie, Pa., as customers like Emily Cadle look for bargains on children’s clothing.

“Every time, we’re looking for the best deal we can get,” she said.

The mother of three knows the value of saving, and as inflation eats away her family’s budget, she’s extra aware of her spending.

“For us, it’s of huge importance all the time,” she said. “It’s something we’re trying to teach the kids too, that we don’t always have to go out and buy the latest and greatest of something. We can reuse things and save money where we can.”

She’s not alone.

Once Upon a Child has seen a 20 percent jump in customers since last August, with more families keeping an eye on their spending.

“This year, we’ve definitely seen an increase in the number of customers we’ve seen looking for all their back to school needs,” said store manager Taylor Bennett.

The store manager says August is already their busiest month, and this year, store traffic has been nonstop.

“You’ll see a little kid run up and say ‘Look what I found’ with a little backpack on, getting all excited for their back-to-school season, and then you can see the parents saying ‘oh my gosh, if I would’ve bought this somewhere else, it would’ve been so expensive,'” Bennet said.

For Cadle, a bargain today means family fun tomorrow, an idea her kids strongly approve.

“We’ve been trying to go to the beach, and we’re trying to plan a family vacation,” Cadle said. ”


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