Open Application Date Announced for New York Cannabis Dispensary Licenses

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ALBANY, NY (WENY) – Applications for adult retail cannabis dispensary licenses will open on August 25th.

The dispensary is part of New York’s seeding opportunity initiative.

Through the initiative, New York’s first legal adult-use retail dispensaries will be operated by those most impacted by the prohibition of cannabis. People who apply must have a marijuana-related offense conviction prior to March of 2021 and have experience owning and operating a qualifying business.

“Today’s announcement brings us to the precipice of legal, licensed cannabis sales in New York State,” said Tremaine Wright, Chair of the Cannabis Control Board. “With the Seeding Opportunity Initiative, New York has affirmed our commitment to making sure the first sales are conducted by those harmed by prohibition. We’re writing a new playbook for what an equitable launch of a cannabis industry looks like, and hope future states follow our lead.”

Applicants are encouraged to start preparing their documentation for their applications before the portal opens. The application window will close on September 26, 2022.


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