Langworthy Touts “Energy Independence” During Campaign Stop In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY NEWS NOW) – During a campaign stop in Jamestown, one of the GOP candidates running for New York’s 23rd Congressional Seat doubled down on the importance of “energy independence” and putting American Oil first as a solution to rising consumer prices. 

Republican Nick Langworthy held a press conference on the steps of Jamestown City Hall on Monday afternoon, where he was endorsed by County Executive PJ Wendel and State Assemblyman Andrew Goodell.

“I know that with a voice from Chautauqua County That Nick will be that driving force in Washington for us,“ explained County Executive PJ Wendel. 

“Nick understands first hand, the challenges facing our residents here in this congressional district,“ stated Assemblyman Andy Goodell. 

If elected, Langworthy plans to set his goal on the “energy crisis” to mend the problems he’s seen in the past few years.

“I pledge on day one to fight for energy independence,” explained Langworthy. “American oil, American natural gas, needs to be there for Americans.”  

He continues to say he will fight for other issues including drug problems, agriculture issues, and inflation tolls. 

“We are out there everyday fighting every day for energy independence,“ stated Langworthy. “That’s what’s been lost in just two short years. Our families, as the assemblyman layed out, are being squeezed every single week when they go buy their groceries.”     

While they have very similar viewpoints, Langworthy differentiates himself from his opponent Carl Paladino in many ways, stating that he is the best for Western New York

“I’m not going to embarrass this community,” explained Langworthy. “And I can’t say that for my opponent. He’s got a track record, when people have counted on him, many of us counted on him to carry the ball when he ran for governor and he blew it, and he blew it in historic fashion. When you had the same thing for the school board, he was supposed to fix the school boards and he blew it, and the Buffalo City Schools suffered even more because of his behavior. That won’t happen with me.”

Langworthy will face off against Carl Paladino in the GOP primary on Tuesday, Aug. 23, with early voting continuing through Sunday. Jamestown area pharmacist Richard Moon is also running in the race via a write-in campaign

The winner of the GOP primary in August will take on Democratic candidate Max Della Pia this fall for the full term.

There is also a special election taking place for all voters in the 23rd Congressional District, to fill the seat of former Congressman Tom Reed, who had resigned earlier in the year.


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