Local Business Shows Worker Appreciation

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – The owner of Jamestown Advanced Products has given back to her workers to show her appreciation for their hard work, in an effort to make working conditions more comfortable for her employees.

With the factory reaching very hot and uncomfortable temperatures, Owner Wendi Lodestro has installed numerous drink machines, ice makers, and a vending machine, all free of charge or very low cost, providing workers with the opportunity to go and get ice or a beverage whenever they need has been greatly appreciated.

“It’s really nice to be able to come in here and have a refresher and go right back to work. There’s a lot of places you don’t have that, and a lot of people don’t carry cash with them so we do have the option to come in here and have a drink for free,” said Cecilio Sanchez, a worker of 17 years. 

The new refreshments made available are not the only bonus of working at Jamestown Advanced Products.

“Open policy with the owner, you go to her door anytime and it’ll be open,” explained Sanchez.

“I lost my father and she said take all the time you need to get back, and I’ve hurt my back before and I was out of work, it was three months, and she just stuck it out. She could’ve just easily discarded me,” said worker of 12 years, Wayne Johnson, “I’ll do anything for her, and that’s where it lies right there.”

COVID-19 hit the factory hard, but Lodestro did her best to make sure everyone would still have a job. 

 “Our number one concern was trying to keep everybody’s job. Anybody that was nervous about coming to work, we said your job is still here for you when you feel more comfortable. We’ll take you back with open arms,’ said Lodestro, “Of those who felt their health was in crisis or they were going to die, I want to say 40 individuals and probably 35 came back.” 

Lodestro’s efforts have worked out with a noticeable boost of morale that has hit the workplace. 

“I’m hearing a boost of morale. People are coming up and thanking us which is awesome, but I just want them to be happy. Not doing it for a thank you necessarily, just hey guys, this is one more thing we’re trying to make good for you,” Lodestro said, “They are all what makes us what we are, so proud.”

Jamestown Advanced Products is currently hiring and according to worker’s testimony, it seems like a great place to work.

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