Officials Warn SNAP Recipients Of Phishing Scam

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WENY) – The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) is warning Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients of a new phishing scam involving text messages. 

Officials say the text message informs SNAP recipients they’ve been “approved for $1,000” in benefits and must click a link to obtain it.

DHS says they do not send text messages to people who receive SNAP and other benefits from the number 1-833-648-1964. DHS text messages will not include:

  • Details about a person’s benefits, such as the amount of snap they are authorized to receive
  • A request for specific personal information
  • Links to unofficial sites

Most texts from the department will direct people to a site that ends in “.gov,” “.org,” or “.com.”

Officials say you should never reply or share any personal information if the communication seems suspicious, and to report it immediately.

“If you have received unsolicited or random calls or text messages telling you that you need to click a link to access your benefits and asking you for personal information, it is most likely a scam. Do not respond and delete the message so you do not get caught in identity theft,” said Acting DHS Secretary Meg Snead.

If you believe you, or a loved one, is the victim of this SNAP scam, or other suspicious communications, call the DHS fraud tipline at 1-844-DHS-TIPS (1-844-347-8477).

You can find more information about SNAP and other assistance programs here.


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