Confusion About NY Whipped Cream Sales Restrictions

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By Lisa Adams

ALBANY, NY (Erie News Now) – There’s been confusion this week about a fairly new law in New York state that says you have to be 21 to purchase whipped cream chargers or cartridges.

It’s not about ReddiWip style whipped cream containers found in the grocery store dairy aisle.

The law, S.2819A instead restricts the sale of nitrous oxide chargers sometimes called whippits.

The intent is to stop the sale to high school or college aged kids who may inhale the gas inside for a quick high — but don’t understand how deadly that can be.

Trying it one time, claimed the life of Jack Schoenig, a Cathedral Prep student visiting a Penn State fraternity party back in 2019. With no other drugs or alcohol in his system, Jack fell unconscious, with shallow breathing, then went into full cardiac arrest.

His mom, Bridget Schoenig shared her thoughts on the NY law. “He died within 20 minutes after being at the apartment where the incident occurred. The other kids in the room walked away, but he was not so lucky. So it is very dangerous, and I don’t think kids appreciate that. So if we as adults and regulators can raise that awareness, I think it would be a great public service,” Schoenig said.

While she knows the cartridges can be purchased on line, Schoenig believes laws like the one in New York will at least raise awareness of the dangers. That’s why she’s willing to talk about her own loss. “If you can educate the public and help even one or two people so that they don’t make the same mistake my son did in thinking whippits are harmless, it will be well worth it.”


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