Jamestown City Council Approves Millions In Additional Funds

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – The Jamestown City Council has approved over $3 million dollars in American Rescue Plan Act Funds for multiple improvement programs. 

The additional allocation of funds includes one million dollars for building and property infrastructure improvements, which would help local businesses make repairs that improve their day-to-day operations.

Furthermore, two million dollars was also doled out to help homeowners make roof, sewer and water line repairs, with each qualifying property awarded up to $25,000.

The two programs were both originally allocated $750,000 dollars each back in early June. 

Since then, the sheer number of applicants for the programs demanded more money be put into the initiatives.

“When we first passed this several months ago, we weren’t sure how much we would need,” explained Dolce. “This just increases the amount to cover some of the need that’s been out there that people have requested. So, it’s really good for the city, for the citizens, for the businesses in the community.”

Since the application closed on June 30th, many were left without repairs due to the lack of funding, with the additional $3 million dollars, almost everyone who was eligible will be covered.

“There were three groups, there was one that was definitely in,“ stated President Dolce. “There was one large group that was pending more funding, and then the ones that just didn’t meet the requirements. So this will take that second chunk completely, and those people that gpt letters that said pending more money, they should be covered under this 

A full list of Rescue Grants, eligibility and applications, can be found on the City of Jamestown’s website JamestownNY.gov.


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