Family, Friends Rally Around Chautauqua County Teen Diagnosed With Cancer

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FREWSBURG, NY (WNY News Now) – Family and friends of a Chautauqua County teenager diagnosed with cancer are coming together to not only raise money for his medical expenses, but also, to show support for the teen, who is facing the hardest battle of his life. 

In the past few weeks, Frewsburg High School Student Nolan LeBaron was diagnosed with Leukemia. Since then, friends of the 16-year-old have worked closely with the LeBaron family to keep spirits high and fundraise for Nolan’s medical expenses.

We spoke to two of Nolan’s close friends and organizers of “Running Nolan’s Race” to help them share his story, and raise awareness for childhood Leukemia.

“Nolan was diagnosed I think it’s going on three weeks, four weeks next week. He started out with a sinus infection here in Chautauqua County and he went back to the doctor and the first time they gave him antibiotics and nothing cleared up so they sent him out to Buffalo Children’s and at that point and I don’t know, it was mid-afternoon or so Andrew sent us a text in the group chat that said Nolan was diagnosed with Leukemia,” explained Dalton Anthony.

Despite this shock to family and friends, they are doing their best to remain optimistic.

“The community is truly coming together, the amount of donations, the amount of basket items, the shirts that have sold, we’re up to over 650 shirts pre-sold. We’re almost to 200 chicken barbecues sold through Saturday. The community has truly come to show their support and it is just, it’s amazing,” said Anthony.

“It’s really just us coming together as one, really, with Nolan and to be there for him and help him throughout his battle right now with Leukemia,” said Jack Shea.

The boys have known each other for years, so they say it was only right to help out. 

“We’ve known Nolan as long as, God I don’t know,” said Anthony. “We’ve known the family forever,” Shea interjected. “Long time. Life long friends,” Anthony continued. 

Right now, Nolan is being treated at Oishei’s Children Hospital.

“Phase One has taken place in the hospital, that’s where most the chemo and stuff is happening. Phase Two is when he’s gonna go home, he’s got a six month quarantine as they monitor him, and of course I’m sure he’ll be in and out of Buffalo. After that, it really depends on how the quarantine goes,” said Anthony.

The two shared their messages of love and hope to Nolan.

“I just want him to know that no matter how hard the days get, we’re all right here,” said Anthony. “We love you and that’s really what it is. We all love him, we’re all coming together for him and we’re ready for the battle with him,” Shea said. 

Those who want to help Nolan, and his family, are encouraged to attend his benefit fundraiser Saturday afternoon at the Frewsburg American Legion starting at 1 p.m. All dinners are presale. To find a complete list of events, times, and updates on Nolan, visit Nolan’s Race on Facebook. 


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