Congressional Members Scramble to Fund Government Before Deadline

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congress has until September 30th to keep the federal government running or else, a shutdown could take place. Congressional members are certainly watching clock and while they are trying to avoid a shutdown at all costs, there are some issues between members that could lead to one.

Weeks ago, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D- NY) and West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D- WV) struck a deal behind closed doors to get the Inflation Reduction Act through.

As part of getting that legislation through, Schumer and Manchin agreed to pass legislation that will reportedly streamline the permitting process for energy projects across the US.

However, this deal is being called a “disastrous side deal” by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Sanders said he intends to oppose the funding resolution as a result of this energy permitting deal. But Sanders isn’t the only one speaking against this deal.

There is growing opposition from House Democrats who have also threatened to block the funding bill if it includes that energy permitting deal.

While there’s intra-party fighting with the Democrats on this, Republicans have also said they will oppose the funding resolution because they are upset with how Manchin and Schumer got the IRA through without a single Republican vote supporting it.


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