Consumer Watch: Fall 2022 Travel Outlook

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NEW YORK, NY – The fall travel season is in full swing and a new survey finds soaring inflation and recession fears won’t disrupt travel plans for families.

A new survey finds Americans are still making fall travel plans, despite higher costs.

According to the latest quarterly state of the American Traveler Report, close to two-thirds of surveyed American travelers still plan to go on at least one overnight trip in the next three months.

For those traveling by car, gas prices are creeping up. A trend that started before Hurricane Ian disrupted some oil production in the Gulf of Mexico though the main facilities were not directly hit.

Nationwide on Monday,  the average price for a gallon of regular gas was nearly $3.80. That’s up from the recent low of $3.67, according to AAA. But that’s not keeping some drivers off the road.

It comes as the travel industry braces for a potential airline merger between Spirit and JetBlue.

With some travel experts warning it could lead to less competition and give consumers fewer options.

If you’re planning a trip this fall, experts recommend you book flights early, be flexible with your plans, and consider international options.


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