Two Fishermen Caught Cheating at the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Fishing Tournament

Erie News Now Image.

CLEVELAND, OH (Erie News Now) – It’s no secret that fisherman have a reputation for occasionally stretching the truth when it comes to their hobby. But this Big fish story is a bit different.

However, when there are prizes on the line, stretching the truth is a definite no.

It all happened this weekend over in Cleveland at the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Fishing Tournament.

Two fishermen turned in their catches, but when one of their walleye was cut open to check, the apparent champions were the ones who were caught with weights inside the fish.

So, Jake Runyan and Chase Cominsky had their prize taken away.

Footage showed a crowd gathering around the contestants, accusing them of cheating in previous tournaments as well, threatening to call the cops, saying that the two men had essentially stolen thousands of dollars from other competitors.

Tournament organizers apologized for the cheating scandal.


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