Urban Deer Management Group Reforms

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Officials in Jamestown are going back to the drawing board reforming a committee to discuss ways to manage the city’s urban deer population.

Councilman Daversa, Russel, Faulkner, and Sheldon will be part of the newly formed group.

Right now, it’s too late in the year to roll out a new policy on the issue, so the group will have to wait until the next hunting season to formally act on the subject.

A previous effort to solidify a plan to address urban deer failed, with lawmakers last year considering a range of options from sterilizing bucks to hosting-controlled hunts. The effort to host controlled hunts was shot down, ultimately ending discussions at the time. 

This week Councilwoman Carruba suggested getting additional input from outside sources, like the Corporation Council to examine liability issues the city could face.

She also went on to say that the committee should be more inclusive as well. 

“Having someone who is in favor of it in the community, someone who has other ideas as we had someone here last week, we talked about different options,“ explained councilwoman Carruba. “I think maybe if you have a more inclusive group than just council members. And not just the hunters that plan to do the hunt, that was part of the issue last time because we just had the bow hunters.”

Last week, a resident spoke out to the city council about humane ways to deal with the deer.  


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