Urban Deer Population Discussion Continues, One Year Later

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – A year after Jamestown lawmakers voted down a plan that would have okayed a controlled hunt to help control the urban deer population, discussion on what to continues.

Within the past year, many residents have come forward and sought Jamestown City Council members for answers on what to do to combat the issue.

On the other hand, some feel doing nothing is the right decision. One resident presented studies during Monday’s meeting showing that deer are no threat to city life, in terms of health and nuisance issues.

Council president Tony Dolce has seen both sides of the story and is conflicted on what to do next.

“It was a year right now I believe,” explained President Dolce. “We had a plan out there, the plan was not supported, because there were some concerns at the last minute about the process and how it would be implemented. There are people out there that do not want to have a hunt or kill in Jamestown.”   

Currently there is no official plan of action on what to do with the deer in the City of Jamestown.


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