13 ‘Lucky’ Black Cats Looking For A Good Home In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Throughout history, there has been a stigma surrounding black cats. Whether it’s the superstition of bad luck when crossing their path, or just being overlooked, the Chautauqua County Humane Society is trying to clear the air.

An anonymous donor has provided funding that waives the adoption fee of 13 black cats through the month of October, and these kitties are waiting eagerly to be brought home.

Despite the event going on for a little over a week now, there have not been many people interested in adoption. 

“We just really would like to see some get homes, we’ve been promoting this for almost half of the month and still haven’t gotten a ton of response to it. We’re adopting animals at a pretty good clip, but as you can see we still have quite a few black cats, the theory is sometimes that they kind of blend in, they don’t stand right out to you like other cats do,” explained Senior Programs Director Brian Papalia.

Papalia doesn’t believe in the tales surrounding these black cats.

“I don’t think that they bring anymore luck or bad luck than any other animal. I think a lot of that happens to come from me, whether my luck is good or bad. But they are, they’re loving cats. People come in, volunteers doing their orientations and they end up in this room, and the cats come right over to them,” said Papalia. 

Cats are, according to Papalia, one of the easiest pets to have.

“If you’re looking at the pet world, and you’re looking at what animal might be, I’m gonna say almost the easiest, cats are pretty good. You don’t have to take the cats out for a walk in the morning, if you choose, you can have their food available all the time, some of them, you can even adopt cats that will let you know when they want attention,” Papalia said.

In the end, the Humane Society just wants to see these cats find their forever homes.

“We pretty much have a cat to fit any household. We’ve got, if you want somebody to hang out with, we’ve got that. If you want somebody to keep you on your toes all the time we got that as well too,” Papalia explained.

To learn more about adopting one of these 13 lucky cats, you can visit chqhumane.org


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