Inmate Accused Of Damaging The Jail, Stealing From The Infirmary

MAYVLLE, NY (WNY News Now) – An inmate at the Chautauqua County Jail, first incarcerated in connection with a burglary, is accused of damaging the facility and stealing from the infirmary.

The Sheriff’s Office reported the two separate incidents involving 35-year-old Dallas Morris this week.

The first incident happened when Morris was in the process of being examined by jail nurses when he allegedly remove an object, which was not identified, from the area and return to his cell with it hidden from officer’s view.

Medical staff noticed the missing item immediately after Morris’ exited the exam room, and asked officers to perform a search of his body and cell. The object was recovered and returned to the exam area.

Morris was charged with petit larceny as a result.

The next offense, deputies say, happened when Morris allegedly damaged the electrical wiring and conduit within the facility by forcefully pulling the electrical wiring and conduit from the junction box.

The circuit had to disabled until repairs could be completed, deputies said.

He was also additionally charged with criminal mischief.


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