Road Crews Concerned With Jamestown’s Municipal Budget Proposal

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Road crews in Jamestown are expressing concerns about next year’s municipal budget, specifically, they’re concerned with the lack of funding for new equipment purchases like salt trucks and snow plows.

This week, department heads are reviewing Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist’s proposed 2023 Budget, with officials highlighting several issues.

Officials spoke to local lawmakers about vehicle and equipment needs within the Public Works and Parks Departments, which is currently slated to receive $7.5 million dollars.

The fleet manager wants to invest in new trucks instead of ordering expensive, hard to find, parts for equipment that is at the end of their life spans. Currently three vehicles have been taken out of service, being deemed not roadworthy by the state. 

Director of Public Works, Jeffery Lehman, was concerned with the cuts in funding, alongside the uptick in prices.

“We’re going to be over budget I think this year, as far as some of the things we’re ordering,“ explained Lehman. “Just the basic things, lights, traffic control boxes, that type of thing.”

While those with the DPW and Parks Departments have ambitious plans, they say the budget as it is won’t allow them to get the items necessary to make improvements.

“We could go on and on and on, telling these kinds of stories on what parts are costing,“ stated Lehman.

“We’re seeing 30 to 40 percent increase across the board,” explained Parks Manager Dan Stone. “And shipping costs have increased as well.” 

The City Clerk, Finance, Assessor’s Office, and Corporation Counsel will also be reviewing the budget to the City Council next Monday before the Council’s Voting Session.



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