How to stay safe and have fun on Halloween

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By Alexandra Deryn

TWIN TIERS, N.Y. (WENY) – Many parents out there want their kids to have fun and stay safe during Halloween weekend.

Chemung County Sheriff William Schrom gave safety tips for dealing with traffic, treats, and strangers.

Sheriff Schrom said parents and kids need to be aware of traffic safety while trick-or-treating after dark. He said people need to be aware of cars when crossing the street in local neighborhoods.

“We know they get excited and tend to dart out into the roads…and are anxious to get to the next house,” he said. “So, we just want to remind them to slow down a little bit, make sure they’re looking both ways before crossing the street, and hopefully they’ll have an adult with them.”

Sheriff Schrom said traffic safety applies to adults, as well.

“Keep in mind that the kids are going to be out and about,” he said. “They’re going to be excited so…always be on alert for a kid darting out into the street because they’re not paying attention.”

Sheriff Schrom said it is important to be aware of “stranger danger” when everyone is outside, especially in costumes. He encourages children, young and old, to use the “buddy system.”

“Make sure you’re with a group of friends…and, like anything, you’ve got to use common sense,” he said. “If somebody pulls up to you on the street and says, ‘Hey, we know where they’re giving out really good candy, you know, hope in the car and we can give you a ride over there,’ don’t do it. You’ve got to trust your gut…your instincts and stick to your plans.”

Sheriff Schrom added to never forget about candy safety.

“I think about when I was little and the first thing we did when we got home is the candy went out on to a table and my parents went through it to make sure there was no candy that looked like it had been tampered with,” he said. “Just inspect your candy…slow and steady.”


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