Halloween Do’s And Don’ts

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FALCONER, NY (WNY News Now) – Trick or treaters will be hitting the streets in just a few hours, and law enforcement in Chautauqua County are doing what they can to keep little ghouls and goblins safe this Halloween. 

Ellicott Police Sergeant Daniel Ingrao says obeying the rules of the road, traveling in large groups, and wearing some sort of reflective clothing is key. As for drivers, they should be paying extra caution while traveling on the spooky night.

“Certainly slow down,“ explained Sergeant Ingrao. “Obviously there’s going to be a lot of children and civilians just out on the street in general. We also recommend that the trick or treaters use the crosswalks, try not to run in and out of traffic, but certainly have drivers be aware that the trick or treating is occurring during those hours and slow down and be observant.”    

One of the most important things parents should look out for this Halloween is their children’s candy haul when the night is over.

“Parents should absolutely not let their children eat any candy until after it’s inspected,“ stated Sergeant Ingrao. “Everything should be in its manufactured wrapper. It should look like you went to the store and you purchased it. We recommend not eating fruit or accepting fruit, or any live cooked food, or anything of that nature.”

In our region specifically, many worry about candied Fentynol and the now legal THC.

“The police is aware as far as Fentynol, there’s THC bars which are also available in this area now,“ explained Sergeant Ingrao. “Certainly they could look very similar. It’s somewhat obvious, so we’re hoping that parents with due diligence would certainly check through their children’s candy.” 

In the end, the Sergeant just wants everyone to be safe and have a fun Halloween.


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