Democratic NY Senate Candidate Touts Rural Roots

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GREAT VALLEY, NY (WNY News Now) – The Democratic candidate for New York State’s 57th Senate Seat is touting his rural roots, and slightly conservative values, with just one week to go until election day.

Great Valley Town Supervisor and local dairy farmer Daniel Brown has been involved in local politics for nearly two decades. Brown believes this experience sets him apart from the GOP candidate, his opponent Senator George Borrello.

“The difference between George and I, I think I just represent that and am more comfortable in that rural area, dealing with smaller municipalities that we all share,” said Brown.

Brown believes bickering between the two political parties is the reason nothing is being resolved.

“There’s enough extremists on both sides of this, and that ruins it. It doesn’t get anything done when that becomes it, when you’re just fighting because you’re on that side and I’m on this side. To me, that’s a ridiculous fight. It gets absolutely nothing done,” Brown said.

Unlike other state Democratic lawmakers, gun restrictions are something Brown believes need to be reworked.

“Why do those kinds of laws if they’re not enforceable and not realistic, it might sound good and make good sound bites for the news but in the long run it doesn’t do a damn bit of good,” Brown explained.

Another point of Brown’s campaign is fixing bail reform in the Empire State.

“The bail reform needs to be sent back to the assembly and to the senate and needs to be reworked. It obviously isn’t working,” said Brown.

Farming has been a part of Brown’s life for many years, which helped develop his campaign catchphrase “Elect The Farmer”.

“That was just sort of the catchphrase and it stuck and it went like wildfire through the districts so I guess if people want somebody who knows how to work seven days a week and how to deal with issues and how to handle them then I guess maybe I’m that guy,” said Brown.

Daniel Brown and George Borrello will face off next Tuesday in the general election on November 8th. For more election coverage, visit and click on the Election 2022 tab.


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