Senator Borrello: Inflation Among Top Concerns For Local Voters

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ELLICOTT, NY (WNY News Now) – Inflation is among top concerns for local voters this fall. That’s according to New York State Senator George Borrello, who is hearing directly from constitutions as part of his re-election campaign this year.

On Wednesday, the State Senator Borrello stopped in the Jamestown area as part of a week-long tour across the district to gain voter’s feedback. 

Borrello says in the month of October alone, gas prices increased by $1.40 a gallon, and diesel fuel is in an even more dire situation. This is hurting many local families. 

“Now that all has a ripple effect right,” explained Senator Borrello. “Look behind us, everything that you buy at a grocery store, that can be in store, that has to be transported. And everything has to be transported largely by diesel trucks and that means a cost increase for everything. And those are the concerns we’ve heard over these last two days speaking to folks.”

To help relieve taxpayers’ wallets, Borrello suggests that lawmakers take a second look at other energy options.

“New York is rich with natural gas,” stated Senator Borrello. “New York is the third largest producer of hydro-electric power, we can do more of that. There are many alternatives and even clean, renewable alternatives that just aren’t being explored.”

Talking to the many residents in his district, the Senator acknowledges the toll that inflation takes. This forces many to leave New York State

“If it can’t be affordable here in New York State especially, where are people going,“ said Senator Borrello. “We already have enough people leaving the state.”

“Well, they’re going south,” stated Dan, a resident that was getting gas at the time.

“That’s part of the problem, we lead the nation in out-migration,” said Senator Borrello. “More people leave New York State than anywhere else.”

“I don’t have any trouble agreeing with that,” stated Dan. 

All of this is coming at the tail end of the state’s gas tax holiday, which expires at the end of the year. Once the tax holiday is over, the price per gallon is expected to go up at least 18 cents, bringing our area gas prices over $4 dollars a gallon once again. Senator Borrello is now pushing to extend the measure indefinitely.


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