New York State Board of Elections said voters should feel confident in the election process

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ALBANY, NY (WENY) – As election day gets closer, the New York State Board of Elections emphasized that voters should feel confident in the voting process.

John Conklin, Director of Public Information for the New York State Board of Elections, said there is a checks and balances process including election inspectors and audits.

“I think New Yorkers should be very very confident in the results of their elections and that they’re accurate and transparent,” he said.

Conklin said none of the voting machines used in New York State counties are connected to the internet. This protects against any potential hacking by an outside source. All of the machines in New York were certified and tested federally and by the state. And once they are purchased by county boards, they are tested again locally before and after the election.

Conklin added the voting machines also have what are called tamper evidence seals that are located on the machines. They look like padlocks and they essentially help indicate if there has been any interference or tampering.

In addition to voting machine testing and security, Conklin highlighted that local county boards of elections are required to assign trained poll workers and election inspectors to election districts.

“They’re absolutely essential to the process. They’re the ones that run the elections for us,” he said.

Following election day, local county boards of elections across New York State are required to participate in what is called a three percent random audit, where three percent of the machines that are used are tested randomly and documented.


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