Restaurants, Grocery Stores Brace for Inflation Prices this Thanksgiving

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By Tom Kowalski

ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – As prices continue to rise, local restaurants and grocery stores brace for a rocky Thanksgiving season, due to record-high inflation.

According to Wells Fargo, the average price of a Thanksgiving dinner could go up by 14.9%, and the price of turkey could rise by 23%.

What items have grocery stores noticed a price increase on?

“This year, just everything,” said Dan Serafin, owner of Serafin Food Market on Ash Street. “I mean, from eggs, every week they go up, they go down, they go up to twice as much. Heads of lettuce, Turkey, stuffing. Just just everything in general has just gone up every week.”

And with the bird flu affecting turkey populations, the lack of turkey is driving up prices nationwide.

“Prices are going up from last year,” said Ryan Atzert, owner and pitmaster of Federal Hill Smokehouse, which sells a smoked turkey each year.

“I don’t have enough that I need right now in stock, but hopefully I’ll be able to get enough by Thanksgiving,” continued Atzert. “Turkey has been very hard to come by since the end of July.”

To help combat rising Thanksgiving prices, some stores are committing to a lower price for certain foods and ingredients.

Walmart is offering holiday foods at last year’s prices through December 26th, and Aldi is offering prices from 2019, with discounts up to 30%.


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