State Senate Candidates Rally In A Final Push For Your Vote

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – With voting underway, the candidates vying for your vote to represent our area in New York State’s Senate are undertaking one final push to get people to the polls.

Democrat Dan Brown and Republican incumbent State Senator George Borrello are running for the State’s 57th Senate seat. In just the last 24 hours, the two have been busy as they rally support for their candidacy. 

“We’ve basically in 200 days I feel like we’ve gone right by feeling like strangers to start with and right past friends and actually being family is how it feels with a lot of these volunteers in this five-county area that has supported and helped and been part of this,” explained Democratic Candidate Dan Brown.

Despite different viewpoints, both candidates urge people to go out and vote.

“Win or lose tomorrow (Tuesday), it’s reassuring to know that we generated the base and probably on the opposition’s side too. We’ve energized it and made people take notice and be interested in it and I like that. That’s our government, that’s the way it should work, that’s our New York, that’s my New York,” said Brown.

“Either you’re going to stand up and speak out and do the right thing, which is what I do, or you’re going to conform and if you don’t conform, then being in the majority isn’t going to make a difference,” said GOP candidate and current Senator George Borrello.

Senator Borrello believes that transparency is key to winning the election.

“I think people want to know that the person representing them, also shares their values and I don’t think that people would want to vote for someone who has fundamentally different values just so that they can hope that they might get some table scraps,” said Borrello.

Each candidate is proud of their accomplishments thus far.

“I’m the proudest of my campaign, I said right from the beginning, always the high road, always,” said Brown.

“I took this job to be your state senator because I love our region, I love the area that we live in, I want to fight hard for it and I want to continue to fight and be your voice in Albany,” explained Borrello.

Both candidates agree that community is the most important thing at the end of the day. Win or lose, the opponents say taking part in the political process is critical to a well maintained democracy. 


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