U.S. House Speaker Role Up For Grabs In Tuesday’s Midterm Election

The Hill / NBC News / YouTube

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Newsource) – Control of the U.S. House is on the line today. So is the role of House Speaker.

Two people likely are vying for the position. Representative Kevin McCarthy of California is minority leader now. He says he’ll run for Speaker if Republicans take control of the House.

Incumbent Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn’t saying whether she’d retire if that happened. But, she says a factor in her decision would be the attack on her husband October 28.

“The first thing I’ll ask the president not to call half the nation idiots,” said Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the U.S. House Minority Leader.

“A vote tomorrow (Tuesday) is a vote to defend our Democracy,” explained Rep. Nancy Pelosi, current U.S. House Speaker.

Paul Pelosi is recovering from surgery to repair a skull fracture. His wife says he’s doing well but he’s in for a long recovery.


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