Possible Medicare Scam Targeting Southern Tier

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By Benjamin C. Klein

SCHUYLER, N.Y. (WENY) – A new Medicare scam is targeting elderly people in New York’s Southern Tier.

Virginia Bruckner of Schuyler County said she was targeted and wanted to warn seniors throughout the area so that no one gets taken advantage of.

“I’m 85 and I know what I’m doing, but some people don’t know and are going to give out that information,” said Bruckner.

Bruckner said she first became suspicious of the call before she was ever even asked for her personal information.

“You could hear multiple voices behind the person, it was very loud and busy,” said Bruckner.

She added the caller already had her name and address information. Then the caller asked if Bruckner had plastic or paper Medicare documentation. When she said paper, Bruckner said she was then told she would have to give her personal information in order to switch to plastic.

Bruckner said she asked for a call back number, hung up, and called the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office, the FCC and WENY News to report the possible scam and warn other seniors as best she could.

Bruckner said the call back number she was given is 888-505-2060.

WENY News called the number and was placed on an extended hold while an automated message said to please wait for an available agent. No mention of any government agency or Medicare is made.

If you or someone you love is being targeted by a possible scam, please call your local police.


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