Snow Leads to A Busy Day for Power Equipment Retailers

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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – Before dealing with the snow on the road, there’s the driveway to take care of.

Gerlach’s Power Equipment helps customers to find the right tools and fix the ones they have.

“Well, the first big snowfall this season, and it’s a wet heavy snow; we’ve definitely had a lot of phone calls, a lot of broken snow blowers, people looking for new snow blowers. So, it’s been very busy today,” the owner and general manager, Mitch Gerlach, said.

Customers like David Olson decided it was time to retire his shovel and purchase a snow blower.

David : “Yeah, I’m looking for a 24-inch type snow thrower because I do a lot of shoveling and am getting a little old for doing that so, I thought I would save myself a little bit of work anyway,” Olson said.

For those who the snow snuck up on and wanting to keep the snow blower they have, some repair pieces may be harder to get a hold of.

“For stuff that we’re ordering, it’s still about a week right now. Certain parts have been on a longer backorder, which is unfortunate but we do stock a lot of the common ones so we can help them out,” Gerlach said.

Though the amount of snow motivated people to invest in new equipment and repairs, Gerlach’s has been busy even before the big snowfall.

“We’ve had a lot of people doing some preventative maintenance for the last couple months so we’ve been trying to get those ones done. But today for the one’s that haven’t done that or haven’t gotten done yet, they’ve been calling today to get stuff scheduled, get some parts to fix it up and start it for the first time this season,” Gerlach said.


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