Railroad Unions Count Votes As Strike Looms 

Tyler Silvest / CC BY 2.0

NEW YORK, NY (Newsource) – Two of America’s largest railroad unions are set to reveal whether they are closer to a strike on Monday. 

The unions representing engineers and conductors will announce whether or not their members voted to accept a deal brokered by the White House. 

The sticking point is more about working conditions than wage increases for the 60,000 railroad workers who are members of the two unions. 

One estimate warns the U.S. economy would lose $2 billion dollars each day railroad workers are on strike. 

If the tentative agreements aren’t ratified by union members, they will go back to the bargaining table for a revised deal with a December deadline. 

Congress could prevent or end a strike by extending a cooling-off period during which the unions cannot strike, or by imposing a contract on union members. 


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