Jamestown Child Giving Back This Holiday

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) — At just 12-years-old, a Jamestown middle schooler has helped hundreds of kids in need, have a great holiday season.

From coats and boots, to toys and makeup, Taylnn Kendall is spreading holiday cheer.

“For my giving mission, I have a giving mission for kids with cancer, leukemia, long term illnesses and kids that don’t have a lot,” said Kendall.

This tradition started a decade ago, all stemming from a kind hearted two-year-old.

“There was a little boy who had leukemia and I overheard my mom talking about him and so I ran inside and I grabbed my favorite little toy that I had and I was crying ‘give this to him’ because I felt so bad and I just wanted to make him smile,” Kendall said.

Kendall accepts donations of toys and games, along with necessities that are often overlooked.

“I collect toys and hats, gloves, mittens, boots, we’ve bought makeup for teenage girls, we’ve bought hair ties, deodorant, shampoo and body wash,” said Kendall.

In total, Kendall has helped well over one hundred children.

“I think around 57, this year is 41 but we’ve helped many children throughout the years. Yeah, maybe like 372. Like 350 to 400,” Kendall said.

In the end, this young girl isn’t looking for praise or thanks, but rather, simply wanting to help others.

“It makes me happy that everybody else is happy and it just feels really good,” Kendall explained.

To help Taylnn on her giving mission, or see what pop-up events she may be hosting, you can visit her Facebook Page ‘Taylnn Kendall’s Giving Mission’

There is a list of needed items posted on her page for those willing to lend a hand to Taylnn’s mission. 


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